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Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks that proposed by us are an insulated, modular electrical products utilized for securing two or more wires together. They are made of the best grade materials, guaranteeing excellent resistance against high voltage & rust formation, and long shelf life. Clients can buy them in varied sizes, designs at nominal prices.
General Purpose Terminal Board
General Purpose Terminal Board that we have is used in electrical industry for terminating wires and in the simplest form. It is useful to connect wiring to a ground or to join electrical outlets and switches to the mains. Such board comes in many different sizes and designs to meet variegated need of clients as per its application.

Electrical Connectors
Electrical Connectors are suitable for connection high voltage electrical wires and cables in order to form a constant path for electricity to flow. The have male plugs and female jacks which join to each other forming either a temporary connection or a permanent connection. These have long life due to its high voltage resistance, sturdy construction and ideal dimension.

No Volt Coil
We present high quality No Volt Coil, which is an important part of the motor control system. In case of power failure, it disconnects the motor so that it cannot be self-started. Easy to use, durable and highly efficient, clients can buy it in different sizes at budget-friendly prices with safe packaging.

MEI Type Starter
Our renowned firm is proposing the best quality MEI Type Starter, which is installed along with motor to start efficiently and safely. It has high strength, corrosion resistance, long life and durability as it made of selected material with approved electrical technology. Clients can avail it in varied powers, sizes, and designs as per its application requirement.

Reverse Control Switch
We are proposing the best in quality Reverse Control Switch, which is fitted into the operation in case the screw drive motors power consumption becomes very high. Owing to lightweight and ideal dimension, it can be easily used. The switch works for a long time and requires less maintenance due to its high quality material. 
FLP Stud, which has steel metal nuts & bolts, is engineered for guaranteeing safe & secure connections of wires or cables. Owing to excellent resistance to shock & worse weather conditions, high electricity conduction, and longer service life, it is highly applauded and demanded by clients.

Generator Terminal Block
Generator Terminal Block that we bring forth is designed for creating a separation between the arm and ground wires or cables. The terminal block can perform constantly due to its excellent high voltage resistance, corrosion formation resistance, sturdiness and durability. Clients can access it in a variety of sizes, and designs, as per its applications requirement
Welding Terminal Connector
We offer the finest quality Welding Terminal Connector, which is designed to allow welding professionals to quickly disconnect cables or wire from the welding and adjust the size of wire/cables as per needs. The connector is absolutely shock proof, high voltage resistance, durable, and can be availed at affordable prices.
Tecco terminal block
Tecco Terminal Block we have is most commonly utilized in electrical industry for joining high power/high voltage cables/wire so as to supply electric energy in an efficient way to different applications. It is easy to use, lightweight, shock proof, sturdy construction, and can be bought in required amounts with safe packaging.

(DMC.) Dough moulding compound
(DMC.) Dough moulding Compound that proposed by is commonly utilized in enclosures as well as casings for electronic and optical instruments. This type of compound is processed by experts using chopped glass fibre, polyester resin, and filler of the best grade, ensuring its excellent ability of high reinforcement, and long life.

Terminal Connector

Our company offers the best quality Terminal Connector, which is designed to use in a variety of electrical and electronic equipment. It can connect Twin Conductor with Pad of varied equipment such as CB, Isolator, etc. Shock resistance, strong construction, high durability and super efficiency are some of key features of this connector, making its demand high in the market.


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